Honey is still the best antibiotic

According to scientists, honey is still the best antibiotic honey-jar

Did you know that conventional antibiotics could make even sick users worse while in the long run? Yes, you have read it right. Doctors sometimes carelessly give commercial antibiotics as prescribed medicines to the sick users. What you must know is that antibiotics can only break up the bacterial infections in your system. The worst case it can bring up is that over-comsumption, overprescription, or overdose of these type of medicines can result in future infections more difficult to fight, since good bacteria’s number may go down in the gut because of the antibiotics taken.

In the medical aspect, antibiotic are said to help your system to resist bacteria from rising up, it allows your body to adapt to the singular action mode of antibiotic prescription. The CDC has just identified 20 bacteria strains from the sick users. As you can tell, it is reckless to depend on these antibiotic medicine prescriptions of the doctors.

In the year 2013, it’s reported by the CDC, which has sounded the alarm across the US that there are over 2 million people who are antibiotic-resistant infections each year. This is not what medicines supposed to do to the sick people, as you can tell it can make sick users even worse when taking the antibiotic in the long run. It can make their system more vulnerable and even more prone to risky infections.

This issue still alarms millions of people around the globe, this a disturbing medical facts that are worth spreading. As this becomes a serious health issue, dedicated researchers of Salve Regina University in Newport, Role Island have done their part of rediscovering more facts regarding how raw honey can still be one of the best natural antibiotic up to these days. The following are the facts you should know about raw honey as natural antibiotic.

It fights against resistant bacteria

Raw honey can fight against viral infection on multiple levels. According to Dr. Susan M. Meschwitz, it is presented at the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society that “The unique property of honey lies in its ability to fight infection on multiple levels, making it more difficult for bacteria to develop resistance.” Thus, this fact alone helps you us to get the gist that honey’s natural content can help us get rid of resistant bad bacteria.

Dr. Meschwitz further added that raw honey is composed of healthy natural nutrients such as the polyphenols, osmotic effect, and hydrogen peroxide. To further explain the idea, the honey has multiple natural elements to kill bacteria.

It is a resistant bacterial practical fighter. The osmosis effect is one of the fighting element the honey can do in your system. The honey has a high sugar content concentration. The process takes place when the water is drawn to the bacteria cells, leaving it to dehydrate and die off with the help of the honey’s natural pathogens content.

It destroys resistant bacterias mode of communication

The raw honey also contains natural properties that stop the biofilms of bacteria to form in your system. These slimy biofilms are a sense of communication of the bacteria to gather up and form even larger groups in your body. These biofilms, when prevented, will eventually break up the bacterial communication process called quorum sensing. If you could tell, this will surely bring back your body to its natural glow just by considering what raw honey can do to your body.

After the quorum sensing is prevented, there’s no way the bacteria can release toxins in your body and can scatter various disease in your system. The honey also kills the resistant bacteria in your body. As Dr. Meschwits said, “rendering the bacteria more susceptible to conventional antibiotics.” When their mode of communication is destroyed, these bacteria are weakened. Live your body to the healthiest and to the most natural way as possible.

It has antifungal, antioxidants, antibacterial, and antiviral properties

Raw and unfiltered honey can offer a lot to your health. It does not only have antibacterial properties but antiviral and antifungal. Thus, it can prevent and stop regular illness that you suffer in your body. These are only some of the facts, why raw honey is far better and more powerful than prescribed conventional antibiotics of the doctors.

While there are many kinds of honey out there, your best pick will still be raw honey. This is the most beneficial liquid honey of them all.