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Honeycomb honey is the most delicious in gourmet honey as it is the most natural and unprocessed type of honey..

How do I eat honeycomb?
There are several ways eat your honeycomb:

- You can add it to finger food platter. You can serve it with orange slices or with cheese.
- You can place it on your toasts
- Alternatively you can just eat it as it is. It tastes grate by itself.

Many people ask if it is advisable to eat honeycomb wax. The choice is yours. It is safe to eat wax. Otherwise you can chew it until all the honey taste is finished and then spit it out. So it acts like a chewing gum. It also massages your gums while you eat it. That is beneficial for your teeth as well.

Honeycombs are more expensive than honey as it takes much more errort for the bees to create it compared to just honey creation. It is also more difficult for beekeeper to take honeycomb from the hive and set the hive up for the bees so they can create new honeycomb.

14 Pack - Mini Honey Dipper 3.2 Inch Wood Sticks

These honey dippers are made of real carved natural wood. The great advantage of real wood is that they do not sink to the bottom of your jar. They just float in the honey. They have perfect size for

8 oz Raw, Unheated, All Natural Honey with Honeycomb

Try this Raw Organic Honey and honeycomb in a 1.5 lb Pint Jar. Honey is unprocessed and contains all healthy ingredients including vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals the bee’s put into it. T