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Kilner Honey Pot With Dipper

Kilner Honey Pot With Dipper, 15-1/4 Fluid Ounces

Are you looking for the best container to hold up your special raw honey? You can always fulfill those desire with Kilner Honey Pot with Dipper. Yes, it comes with a durable dipper for better storage

14 Pack - Mini Honey Dipper 3.2 Inch Wood Sticks

These honey dippers are made of real carved natural wood. The great advantage of real wood is that they do not sink to the bottom of your jar. They just float in the honey. They have perfect size for

8 oz Raw, Unheated, All Natural Honey with Honeycomb

Try this Raw Organic Honey and honeycomb in a 1.5 lb Pint Jar. Honey is unprocessed and contains all healthy ingredients including vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals the bee’s put into it. T

Rigoni Di Asiago Mielbio Italian Raw and Creamy Honey, Orange Blossom, 10.58 Ounce, 6-jars

Try this natural raw organic honey from Italian organic farm. Yes, it is a raw, certified organic Non GMO and gluten free honey that meets European standards for bee pollen content. This honey is hand

Bee 20-ounce Stoneware Honey Pot Pottery Jar with Cherry Wood Honey Stick

Decorate your table or simply serve your honey in this beautiful Bee 20-ounce Stoneware Honey Pot Pottery Jar with Cherry Wood Honey Stick. Old school traditions are used to produce this pot. This Sto