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Manuka Honey Cream Active 16+ (4oz) Enriched with Manuka Honey & the Most Potent Organic Aloe in the World

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Manuka Honey Cream Active
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Manuka Honey Cream ActiveThis cream is made from the United States, it is richly molded with natural and organic ingredients that will surely shower your skin nutrients that you deserve. One of the reasons why people fell in love with this product is the fact that it’s not water-based, meaning it does not create any liquidy feeling which can be eerie for some users. The cream is lush and rich to feel once applied over the skin. It has special benefits and nutrients that are only made possible for it is made from Manuka Honey sources. Inspired with the nectar collected by busy bees from the preserved areas in the New Zealand.

It’s has a superior grade of Manuka honey, which is trusted for moisturizing and hydrating the skin for longer hours. It keeps the skin softer and smoother, thus give you an organic herbal infusion. It absorbs quickly on skin, which is a huge plus for people who are just looking for just one. It penetrates deeply into the skin thus leaving a revitalize and fresh looking skin. It’s safe to use on skin and has an extract of Aloe Vera, which has natural properties of making your skin way smoother and softer.

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Manuka Honey CreamManuka Honey Cream Active 16+ (4oz)



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