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Rigoni Di Asiago Mielbio Italian Raw and Creamy Honey, Orange Blossom, 10.58 Ounce, 6-jars

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italian-organic-honeyTry this natural raw organic honey from Italian organic farm.
Yes, it is a raw, certified organic Non GMO and gluten free honey that meets European standards for bee pollen content. This honey is handled in a unique way in order to retain the bee pollen, enzymes, and other healthy ingredients that are normally lost during processing. This raw honey is never heated over 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It is never filtered and especially good in breakfast and to sweeten tea and herbal teas.

This brand is used to be available for many years only in Europe. However you can take advantage of having it on Amazon! If you are on a diet or try to change your eating habits to lose weight, focusing on very small amounts of good food, and this is going to be a great addition to your meals.

So if you’re looking for a tasty natural raw organic flower honey  pick yourself up a one today!

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