Non-dietary uses of Honey

Non-dietary uses of Honeyhoneydipper

Honey is vastly considered as a food taken internally. We use it on our bread, dessert, and snacks. There are just many applications of honey on our daily meal. It is good for your health too. Containing a lot of powerful antioxidants, honey will help you look younger from the inside. It tastes good and will have you salivating even on its fragrant alone. We enjoy consuming it with its sweet taste and health-giving effects.

What we tend to overlook is its actual application externally. Since we don’t normally apply our food to our skin, we tend to believe that honey should stay at the kitchen and not somewhere else. Now, we will enumerate the uses of honey aside from being just a sweetener. If you don’t know that honey has a number of additional capabilities, you are not alone. Few people live their own lives without knowing the non-dietary uses of honey. Maybe they haven’t read a couple of articles on the internet or they are just simply discovering the uses of honey initially.

Whatever the reason is, the important thing is we know that honey is a precious and health-giving commodity. Let’s talk about its basic background. Honey is a food gathered from bees. The bees gather nectar from flowers. They convert the nectar they have collected through regurgitation and evaporation.  Raw honey has all the nutrients in a honey. After it is processed, most of the beneficial elements are removed. Humans consume honey because of its delicious taste and various uses. It has a naturally sweet taste and is a great substitute to sugar and other kinds of sweeteners.

Now, let’s proceed to its uses externally. Honey contains a handful of beneficial nutrients so it should be helpful on a number of things. It has properties that make it a good commodity aside from being just a sweetener to your meal. Read the paragraphs below and discover more about its uses in improving your outside appearance.

Treatment for wounds and scars

Yes, honey can be applied to an open wound. It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties so it can assess your healing wound. Components in honey help keep the wound dry so bacteria won’t accumulate in the area. It is used for this purpose from the old times until the 20th century.

Based on findings, honey is very effective against fighting bacteria. Some types may be even more powerful than penicillin. It is a good wound treatment since it prevents infection. Apply it topically and it should work its way to purging off bacteria from the wound. It helps fades off scar after the wound heals by encouraging tissue regeneration and healing.

Lip moisturizer

Having cracked lips can be sometimes irritating to wear throughout the day. If ever you have noticed your lips are cracking or peeling, the honey can be used as a natural lip balm. To do this, just mix one part of melted beeswax, let it cool for some time. Then add it to three parts almond or olive oil. The next thing you have to do is to add 1 or 2 tablespoons of raw honey to the mixture. If you want, you can also add a few drops of peppermint oil or any essential oil you desire to add to the mixture.  This natural method of moisturizing lips is a good way to cure your cracking lips, go out and have more confidence to smile.

Honey as a natural skin cleanser

Having a flawless and spotless skin is a huge goal nowadays. The first step of taking care of your skin is by means of keeping your skin clean and well-moisturized. The honey does not only make your hair softer and shinier, but it can also make a good effect for your skin. Try taking a bath with a honey extract to make your skin extra clean, soft, fresh, and seem more rejuvenated. To do this, just add 2 cups of honey to your bathing water and soak in it for around 15 minutes. If you desire to remove the dead skin cell as well, make time to add some baking soda for the 15 minutes to maximize clear and clear skin results.